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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Can't Time The Market

The age old question - when should I put my house on the market? Unfortunately, as REALTORS, we just can't time the market. While the winter months host the holidays, it might be cold outside and your yard isn't beautiful, you can rest assured that the buyers that are looking are serious, otherwise why would they be looking? Plus, you have less competition as many sellers wait until Spring to list.

With inventory of available homes down, interest rates are historically low, two federal tax credits are available - we see this as a great time to actively market your property for sale with a REALTOR. Foreclosures are increasing which means more competition in the near future so take advantage of today's market.

Don't wait for rates to increase. Don't wait for the tax credits to expire. Don't wait for the unknown. If you wait, you'll miss the boat.

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