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Friday, February 12, 2010

"Home is Where One Starts From" ~ T.S. Elliot

As with any profession, some aspects of my career are better than others. I especially enjoy helping first-time home buyers, the excitement of purchasing that first home is such a surreal experience. Listing a home and netting a seller more money than they ever imagined, also terrific. Working with clients whom have children, and knowing these children will associate their home with a lifetime of memories - that's pretty special.

As the Co-Chair of the Thurston County Realtors Association 3rd Grade Poster Contest, I enjoy reading the essays prepared by the youth of the Olympia area. We provide the materials to the schools, set a lengthy deadline (as we recognize how busy teacher's are) and the 3rd grade students complete a drawing of their home partnered with an essay they must finish "What My Home Means To Me".

The 2010 entries are in and they are absolutely exceptional! The boys and girls have creatively colored or painted beautiful images but it's the essays that are extraordinary. As I read each essay, I am overcome by the meaning of "Home" to each child.

Until Tuesday, February 16, the entries are on display at the Westfield Shopping Mall. Stop in, read a few, a vote for your favorite. Official judging will be in March followed by the awards.

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