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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What makes a home a home?

After visiting our good friends home this morning, I quickly offered to my husband as we drove away "I love their home - it's such a home". You see, I truly believe there is a huge difference between a house and a home. I sell houses, not homes. A house is a structure but a home is the place that you make your own.

Their house is older, it's a true 'ranch style'. It's spacious, 2000 square feet approximately with perfect sized rooms, a gorgeous view of their pasture and set privately at the end of a road. Built in the late 60's, they paid more for the land than they did to build the house and over the years, they've raised their children in this home, added on to the home and remodeled the home.

Maybe I like their home because of them, because I like them so much? Maybe I like it because they are so inviting, opening their home to my growing family each time we stop by. I obviously don't know exactly what the answer is but one thing I do know - I'd love to have a home like theirs one day.

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