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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A New Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn is tops on my list. It's the best chore as so much instant gratification can be derived from the event: the look of the newly mowed lawn, the smell of the freshly cut grass, the brief exercise I get while being outside in mediocre to good weather.

As fall arrived last year, our 6 year old lawn mower died. I admit it was probably time and was certain that deep down, my husband was secretly jubilant as he was more than ready to trade in the old push mower for a fancy riding model.

According to the E.P.A, almost 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year while refueling lawn equipment. I won't have this problem until we purchase a new mower but a few easy ways to reduce spillage: don't top of tanks and use a no-spill gas can.

I'm open to suggestions if you have a fantastic mower that you think I'd enjoy. As the lawn mowing operator in this household so my vote is to continue pushing.

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