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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree Farm Tips

Thurston County Christmas Tree Tips

My family has a tradition of selecting a tree with some very good friends of ours just after Thanksgiving.  There’s nothing like going directly to the farm and cutting down your own tree.  We have so much fun at the tree farm with our kids and friends.  It’s really become an event with camera’s and warm goodies.  I thought you may enjoy these tips if you haven’t already selected your tree.  You won’t get a tree any fresher and you can pick the perfect tree at one of our local tree farms.

What to Bring:
ü Saws and Equipment – Saws are usually provided, and most will cut the tree for you (usually for a small fee) if you’d rather not cut it yourself.  Most farms also provide wheelbarrows or other tools for transport.  Many will wrap your tree and; tie it on your car for you.  I recommend you bring your own rope or bungee cords with you; they may not have it or run out.
ü     Pack for a day trip – It’s fun to make an event of choosing your Christmas tree by packing some of your favorite snacks, hot chocolate or warm apple cider and hand towels or disposable wipes.
ü     Dress in warm clothes and hiking boots or old athletic shoes.  Bring heavy gloves to protect your hands and a jacket or other garment to protect your arms.  Bring layered clothing, and some extra socks and a blanket.  Dress for the weather.
ü     Remember the camera.  You may want to capture those memories you’re making.
ü     Protect your car – Bring a sheet of plastic or an old blanket to cover the roof of your car and protect the paint and finish.

Where to Go:
ü Barneys Noble Trees, 2012 South Bay Road, Olympia WA 98506
ü Johnson's Smokehouse, 8212 Diagonal Road SE, Olympia WA 98501
ü Sproufskee Trees, 14020 Finian Rd SE, Rainier WA 98576 

What to Get:
ü     Generally, the tree farm should have a variety of trees such as Douglas Fir, White Pine, Blue Spruce and Noble.

How to Pack it Up:
ü    Shaking – The trees have been living outside all year, and may well have become home to spiders.  Get the farmer to evict Charlotte (and her web) by shaking the tree on their mechanical shaker.
ü    Baling – Many farms also have baling (tree wrapping for transporting) or bagging for no fee or a small fee.

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