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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tansy Ragwort: Know Your Toxic Weeds

Have you noticed a thin yellow flowering plant in your field or pasture? It's important to know about Tansy Ragwort. Ten years ago, I received an informational postcard from the Thurston County Health Department about this plant. Since that time, I've only encountered Tansy Ragwort in my field just a handful of times. It seems this year's uncommon weather of more rain, less sun has encouraged this weed to sprout up everywhere.

You might say, well who cares - its just another weed? What you don't realize is the yellow flowering plant can be lethal to cattle and horses. Once the plant has gone to seed, it has the ability to spread everywhere. So I plead for you to do your part: pull the weeds by removing the plant and it's roots. Don't mow it or cut it.

Let's say goodbye to what might just be scotch broom's cousin - yet another terrible yellow flowering plant in our fields and pastures.

For more information: read here

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