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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Acting As Your Own General Contract - Are You Qualified?

If you're looking to remodel but on a strict budget, determining if you're a good candidate to be your own sub-contractor is imperative. Acting as the 'general' on your job will certainly save you the most amount of money but without the proper background and knowledge, the money saved might not be worth the final product.

Planning, researching materials, scheduling sub-contractors, daily on-site inspections, etc. Being your own general contractor should not be undertaken unless you have a good understanding of the construction process and the time to invest. But if you have experience and are willing to invest the time that will be needed then being your own general contractor should be a serious consideration.

As an industry professional in the Olympia area, I have a list of reputable contractors which I'm always happy to share.  These qualified tradesmen and tradeswoman are skilled in their area of expertise.  Just call, text or email me for the list.

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