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Monday, October 22, 2012

Clutter: My Worst Nightmare


verb (used with object)
to fill or litter with things in disorderly manner

choices for each object when decluttering your homeClutter – I hate it.  Both professionally and personally.  In my business, attempting to sell a cluttered home can be a recipe for disaster.  In my personal life, I operate most efficiently if I can limit the amount of clutter around me.

This simple image, if properly applied, with enough time and determination, can help you unclutter your home, and keep it that way.

The supplies, when used properly, encourage you to take on the task in bite-sized chunks, help you make decisions, and help you finish each decluttering session with positive steps taken, without it looking like a whirlwind has come through your house making it look worse, not better.

As you can see, the equation is not complex, it just takes a timer, boxes, trash bags, recycling bin and you'll get a home that is decluttered and ready for you and your family to enjoy together (or for me to promptly sell before the clutter re-enters).

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