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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School Scenario's To Discuss

With kids back in school, it is a good idea to run through some scenarios with your kids, not to be alarmist, but because kids handle breaks in routine better if they have been given the tools to deal with them:

- If you come home and mom or dad is not home...
- If you miss the bus in the morning...
- If the bus driver forgets to let you off the bus
- If you feel like someone is following you
- If you are alone and someone you don't know, says they know mom/dad

Other points to cover:
- Do not discuss your after school arrangements with anyone. e.g. "I use the hide a key and stay alone until dad gets off work”
- Establish safe house in your neighborhood for your child to go to
- Is your child old enough for cell phone for emergency purposes?
- Do not write child’s name on the outside of his/her backpack or display it other places that allow someone to pretend to know them

Courtesy of our trusted family pediatrician Dr. Lindgren, Healthy Future Pediatrics, 360-528-4220

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