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Monday, March 26, 2012

Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Important Deadline & Information

Three years ago, the WA State Legislature passed legislation requiring the Building Code Council to create rules requiring all residential buildings to be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms.

The final carbon monoxide alarm rules go into effect April 1, 2012 and here's the up-to-date information on those rules. The basics are:
  • Carbon monoxide monitors must be installed in all new residential construction.
  • All sellers of residential property must install carbon monoxide alarms prior to closing.
  • There is NO REQUIREMENT for installation of carbon monoxide monitors in tenant-occupied housing, unless and until the property owner pulls a permit for interior remodeling.
Finally, in this legislative session Washington REALTORS® introduced SB 6472, which provides liability protection for real estate brokers should a seller fail to comply with requirements for installing carbon monoxide alarms. REALTORS® care about the safety of consumers, but should not be liable for a seller's omission. The bill has been passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor for her signature.

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